Come along, join me & experience 5 Senses stimulation in India October 2018, I have space for you.  Regards Ros

2018 Jaipur Literature Festival 7 days January Itinerary

The world’s largest free festival of its kind, Jaipur Literature Festival  has been described as the ‘greatest literary show on Earth’. Celebrating writers from across the world, the Festival has hosted some of the best regarded & loved names ranging from Nobel Laureates…

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2018 Desert to Ganges Experience 17 Days January Itinerary

Inspiring, unforgettable, enriching......We are off to journey deep into Rajasthan & Utter Pradesh criss crossing over India's religions - Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism & the Muslim faith, over golden sands of Thar Desert, in the glowing shimmering rays of sunsets & sunrises.

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travel holidays India Morocco
2018 MOROCCO EVERLASTING Experience 16 Days April/May Itinerary

SOLD OUT ‘Morocco is like a tree whose roots lie in Africa but whose leaves breathe in European air. Profoundly traditional & strongly drawn to the modern world. It is this double sided, seemingly contradictory disposition that gives Morocco its cultural richness’-  King…

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India Holiday Holi Celebrations
2018 Holi - Kama Sutra -Ganges Experience 14 days February Itinerary

Holi – The Festival of Color, Food & Drinks. Toss that in with bonfires, good defeating evil & welcoming spring! ‘If you practically wish to witness happiness, jovial exuberance, unconditional human spirit & an entire country drenched…

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Visit the Riff Festival India
2018 5 SENSES EXPERIENCE INDIA 16 Days October Itinerary

Johhpur RIFF Music Festival Songlines, UK magazine, regarded  RIFF Music Festival as one of the best 25 international festivals. In Jodhpur we attend this favourite festival of mine for the day & evening, taking away with us an unforgettable experience that…

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Morocco Holiday
2018 Morocco Full Moon Desert Experience 11 Days November-OPTIONAL ADD ON 7 Days North Itinerary

Dramatic snow-capped peaks, rugged hillsides & fertile valleys, mix that with complete solitude of the  desert, enjoying breathtaking sunset & sunrise over the vast desert plains. That’s how you create mesmerising memories & fabulous photographs.
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tour India Desert to ganges

Always dreamed of a holiday to India and Morocco but have never found the tour that suits you & didn’t want to do it without someone with the knowledge of these fascinating destinations. Talk with me regarding the style of trip you dream to experience.  All my bespoke tours are tailor made & unique for you... 

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Stop over to somewhere...from somewhere... on your way home perhaps. This is time for you to  experience atmospheric Marrakesh - nothing like it! - & nearby countryside.  Walk through souks & the medina, travel on foot down the medieval alleyways & along some of the oldest & famous streets.  

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volunteer at the Sarveswhar School
SARVESHWAR SCHOOL India Volunteering

Sarveshwar Public Senior Secondary School is in the state of Rajasthan situated 50 kilometres outside Jaipur in the farming district of Dudu is the small village of Sawarda. I am delighted to say I have had connections with Choudhary family…

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A very colourful and exciting itinerary came through my emails one day from Ros. It was an adventure not to be missed! Ros had put together the most amazing tour for a group of 7 girlfriends. I had wanted to go to India a few years back while Ros was there but having to organise it and travel on my own was too daunting. Now, this amazing chance to see it with everything organised and with friends. ‘YES,’ was my immediate answer and how exciting. Ros totally organised a trip of a lifetime. We travelled around in our own clean modern mini bus with an incredible driver and Helper of bags. We travelled all over Rajasthan seeing all the hot spots and so much more. Ros had researched and travelled to all the places eking out gorgeous boutique hotels, amazing roof top restaurants, special shopping areas, historical sites, forts, beautiful palaces and an experience of an International Folk Music Festival in this fantastic Fort in Jodhpur. We had a hilarious fun elephant ride up to a fort and an overnight experience in the train. A lot of extra things tossed in every day that kept us so enchanted and excited. Our heads were spinning on the bus as we passed so much colourful activity on and off the road. The bus avoiding cows, carts, motor bikes, camels, pigs and walkers everywhere. It was a feast for the eyes and colour like you wouldn’t believe. I took 1600 photos as it was a photographers paradise. I highly recommend this trip. Don’t even think twice about it. Ros is one special leader and you will have heaps of fun, guaranteed.

Marguerite from the Gold Coast 
I took 1600 photos!