Bespoke Esther 2013– Paradise Waters Qld.
Bespoke Tours India

From Ros planning the itinerary, to the arrangements, booking and execution, all the elements flowed smoothly as planned. It was an adventure with something new and unexpected to explore around every corner. Every day was new and exciting and safe. Cows freely roaming the street getting into shop entrances, market stalls with exotic goods & the aroma of street stalls blending spices, India the home of fast foods for the numbers! Our group used road travel with the wonderful and good natured Mr Babu. As our skilled driver (and caterer) he negotiated the mad traffic with skill. This was fantastic!

Travelling on the infamous Indian Rail is a memory I will keep forever. Ros was wonderful; I would not hesitate in recommending Ros’s trip to anyone. I had a ball and learnt so much.

Bespoke Cathy 2013– Currumbin Valley Qld.

Cath-testimonialWhat a wonderful holiday and a superb snapshot of the Magic of India! The sights, sounds, colours, smells, history, markets, traffic, culinary delights and of course the people and their eclectic culture were truly amazing. I could go on with so many more superlatives, but most importantly our ten days encapsulated everything you dream about for the perfect sojourn, unique adventure with great company and carefree confidence that every new day would bring a new surprise.

What can I say Ros – An experience of a Lifetime! My sincere thanks and deep appreciation for not only your energy, passion and attention to detail that made all the difference, but in particular the thought you have put into assembling a unique experience that suits all tastes and expectations. Congratulations..

This experience has left indelible memories in my mind and soul that I will cherish for many years to come. I am saving my shekels for when you design your next unique interlude to life…….


Bespoke Marguerite 2013– Bundall, Qld

margA very colourful and exciting itinerary came through my emails one day from Ros. It was an adventure not to be missed! Ros had put together the most amazing tour for a group of 7 girlfriends.

I had wanted to go to India a few years back while Ros was there but having to organise it and travel on my own was too daunting. Now, this amazing chance to see it with everything organised and with friends. ‘YES,’ was my immediate answer and how exciting.!

Ros totally organised a trip of a lifetime. We travelled around in our own clean modern mini bus with an incredible driver and helper of bags. We travelled all over Rajasthan seeing all the hot spots and so much more. Ros had researched and travelled to all the places eking out gorgeous boutique hotels, amazing roof top restaurants, special shopping areas, historical sites, forts, beautiful palaces and an experience of an International Folk Music Festival in this fantastic Fort in Jodhpur. We had a hilarious fun elephant ride up to a fort and an overnight experience in the train. A lot of extra things tossed in every day that kept us so enchanted and excited. Our heads were spinning on the bus as we passed so much colourful activity on and off the road.

The bus avoiding cows, carts, motor bikes, camels, pigs and walkers everywhere. It was a feast for the eyes and colour like you wouldn’t believe. I took 1600 photos as it was a photographers paradise.

I highly recommend this trip. Don’t even think twice about it. Ros is one special leader and you will have heaps of fun, guaranteed.

Easter Experience 2015– Mary Jenny Vera Marg Di & Kaye.

Easter girls _2737Ros, thank you for introducing us to another culture, enriching us & making us truly aware of how blessed we are to live in our home country. We have certainly been ‘opened’ to another world, had an absolute ball & will remember this forever. An amazing experience Mary Jenny Vera Marg Di & Kaye.



Jaipur Literature Festival 2015- Janette, Qld.


How exotic the Jaipur Literature Festival had always sounded. In January 2015 it was no longer a dream but the reality of rubbing shoulders with India’s literary minded, from students to their professors, from the politically and historically minded to the writers, poets, philosophers and historians who entertained and educated us over the five day Festival.
Diggi Palace in central Jaipur was entrancing enough without the added eclectic mix of writers and readers from all over the world. Entrance is free for the five days but a delegate’s pass can be purchased enabling entry to a mouthwatering luncheon each day, in a banyan treed courtyard amongst writers, journalists, panellists, chairpersons and readers.
There were musical evenings at Clarkes Hotel with a farewell dinner under the stars at Le Meridian on a crisp Jaipur evening with live RajahstanI music bringing writers and readers together to celebrate five days of wonder, of wanting more.
The Festival though teeming with attendees each day was somehow still intimate, friendly, global. I got to lunch with one of my heroes, Alberto Manguel, an Argentinian writer and thinker now resident in France. Where else would that happen where we mere mortals could mingle with those from the world of literature, philosophy and history, everyone just happy to be in Jaipur in January, where differences were not forgotten but openly discussed.  Where race, religion, gender and age mattered not. Where discourse was the common denominator.

Ros had handpicked and stayed in our Jaipur accommodation previously – words cannot describe the ambiance, the luxury, the local colour and texture of our boutique hotel/guesthouse, our oasis after the long literary days and musical nights of Jaipur’s Literature Festival.  ‘Da morire’. It simply was ‘to die for’! Traditional Rajahstani melded with contemporary decor to create an atmosphere of cool luxury in the centre of the city. Vine covered terraces, paved courtyards, polished cement floors and luxuriant bedding, together with the vibrant colours and textures of India, created an oasis at the end of our long literary days at the Jaipur Writers Festival. Wonderful staff, local cuisine, vibrant fellow guests, an intimate and unique meeting ground. I look back at my photos and dream of Jaipur.

How I wish I could be there next January 2016!

Gypsy Experience 2016– Issy,Lisa,Judith,Jouise Pailine & Di.

Fully planned toursWow! What a thoughtful set of experiences that you have organised for this journey. Thanks for a great experience, amazing trip. The memories of the roads less travelled. Loved seeing India with you, seeing your India.





Desert to Ganges Experience 2017 – Margie & Bruce Qld

Fully Planed tours around Inida and Morocco for all age groups

A few lines to let you know how much Bruce and I enjoyed our trip to India.  At all times, our tour with you gave us a sense of being safe, informed and guided expertly.  Your local knowledge of the customs, history and handy tips made everything seem so seamless as we traverse the country. Your guidance enabled us to be completely entranced with the beauty, vibrancy and spiritualty of this enchanting land. Thank you for such a fantastic, unforgettable experience.